4 Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Tips to Help You Achieve Your Goals this Month | Setting monthly goals helps keep us accountable. On the blog, I share a few actionable things you can do to achieve your goals this month. Read more. //

As we move from what felt like the longest month ever, January, is finally coming to a close. I'll admit I'm excited for Spring, mainly because I've been ready for less layers! Previously, I shared a few tips to get the most out of your year in 2018, but have you created your daily, weekly or monthly goals? Here are four actionable things you can do to achieve your goals this month:

1. Review your finances

I am a horrible saver - not horrible, but I struggle from time to time. I came into January spending dollars like this year was no different for me. Not to mention, I just mad a large purchase earlier today - sad I know.

While I'm blessed to have a job that can pay the bills, I decided I needed to be more realistic about my long-term financial goals, and you should too. If you're looking to relocate, switch careers or even a recent graduate, please review your options.

One rule of thumb I read was to always have at least $1,000 in your savings (minimum) in case of a rainy day. Now this certainly won't last you three months of rent, but it's an actionable goal you can start with.

If you're interested in life saving financial advice, I recommend two ladies I turned to when I was navigating post-graduate debt Kristin (debtfreeblackgirl.com) and Tonya (https://myfabfinance.com/).

2. Practice self-care daily

I'll be hones, I am constantly writing about self-care because for the longest time I neglected to put myself first. Never again. I decided a long time ago that my happiness comes first and foremost, everything else can wait. I would give so much of myself that by the end of the day I would be exhausted.

Mentally and emotionally drained from the concerns of others (it's the Cancer in me, I guess). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being here for others that's always been my goal, but sometimes you have to take out time for you. The next time you feel yourself giving a little more than needed, take a deep breath and focus on you.

3. Consume less, create more.

We're always checking up on the Joneses and trying to look the part for every social moment. I'm planning a post on this later, but things really change when you decipher between what you want your mind to consume.

Your mental and emotional state are just as important as your physical one. Think about it: if you eat healthy and workout, eventually you'll see differences in your body and feel even better, right? The same thing works with your mind.

While reality tv and social media are entertainment, sometimes it can be exhausting consuming negativity. Instead of focusing on those things, utilize your time in creating something meaningful to you.

Want to start a blog? Write. Interested in cooking? Create your own recipes. The list goes on, just remember that what you do matters to you and if it's your passion, pour into it with everything you've got.

4. Be Consistent

I mention this so much because I struggled EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Until now. I made a conscious decision to change the things in my life and realized I am 100% accountable for myself.

Of course I knew this before, but still didn't taken advantage of my time and opportunities fully. As I mentioned previously, if you're passionate about something in your life, you'll find the energy to make it happen.

What are your goals for February?