Three Steps to Finding Your Focus

Three Steps to Finding Your Focus | Self motivation is hard work, but necessary. Read my three tips to help you reach your center.

Self motivation is hard work. For some it comes easy, but for others (myself included) it can be hard to push through when everything seems to drown you all at once. Refocusing isn’t as easy as reposting a powerful quote on Instagram or watching an inspiring video. More often than not, it's something that develops over time and comes with age.

It's great when you're on track and you have people who help you maintain your focus. But, truth is you can't get motivation from anyone else. It’s truly something that comes from within. Here are three ways I focus my energy when I'm lacking motivation.

Know your “WHY”

Whether you're pursuing career advancement, health and wellness goals or even trying to crush your side hustle it's important to know why you're chasing after those things. I'll admit, when I first quit my job I was on Cloud Nine. However after about a week, I completely plateaued and didn't know or understand where my journey was leading me.

It was in this moment that I knew what I wanted out of life. We work to die, right? If I'm going to work I'm going to make sure it's something I'm happy about. Life is too short to be unfulfilled.

So how do you discover your why? Everyone's journey to "why" is different, mine came in the midst of a bad situation and turned me to good company, better books and spiritual resources. If something doesn't do you good, leave it. Often times, we convince ourselves that happiness can be "placed" and it's forced.

We end up psyching ourselves out so much that we end up back where we started. On the days I tried to force it, I thought of my "why". Who am I? What do I really want out of life? I thought about all of the people in my life who I wanted to help. Readers like you seeking inspiration from a girl who was once unheard. I think about my voice.

My goals. What are yours?  Who do you want to be? Your "why" is the very reason you're willing to work later most nights and wake up even earlier these days.

In a way, I rediscovered my purpose and found my why. You too, can discover yours because my "why" is simple : To create positive change and do things that add value to my community and the world. Sometimes, all it takes to feel motivated is recognizing your reason.

Fine Tune Your Attitude

Wait, let's ignore the negative stigma and flip it to mindset. "We tend to think, therefore we are." While I tweaked this a bit, it rings true when thinking about your thoughts. There are days when I feel like the world is against me and all I can do is nothing. Even today, I allowed one bad event to ruin my day.

Finding your focus can be easier said than done, but remember you control your actions and reactions to certain situations. Instead of looking at the world in a negative light, change your attitude.

A big part of what has helped me was to speak life into myself with pep talks and positive affirmations. I cheer myself on and am my own hype man because who else? So if this means taking a 10-minute meditation break, do it.

Read that self-help book you've been dying to start, drink a cup of tea or take a long walk and enjoy the weather. When you're in a space of clarity and positivity, things really begin to shift.

Align your Passion to Skill

Passion on purpose has been my mantra for 2017.

Pursuing those passions and creating transferable skills has been my struggle. While I believe that pursuing passion projects is important, it is also crucial to utilize the skill set you're creating for yourself.

For example, I'm passionate about design, tech and blogging. With no experience in any of these fields, I took the time to teach myself design and code for my blog. I am not where I want to be, yet.

But, if accomplishing goals and learning new skills were easy, we'd all do it. A lot of people will tell you to stay with it and be positive. That's it. Yes, positivity and consistency are important, but be prepared for intense focus sessions with yourself. Be prepared to feel like a failure and lack motivation to those timelines you set at the beginning of the month.

When you prepare yourself early on, you're ready for obstacles, potential setbacks, failures and hard work.

How do you stay motivated?