Post-Grad Check-In (One Year)

PostGrad Check-In (One Year) | A lot has changed since I graduated in more ways than one. Read more on the blog.

It has been about a year since I graduated (wow, I'm a graduate, an alumni) A lot has changed for me since moving back home and thought I should post an update. Time seems to go by so quickly, I mean I was just venting about my struggle, graduation and faith. Those were some trying times, y'all. If you like this post be sure to follow anothergirlsclub, it's my new project I mentioned recently.  Now let's get into my post grad check-in!


What better way to check-in than to mention my goals? If you would've asked me a year ago, I would've said I just want need a job! Now that I'm in a more comfortable role with more room to do, I have increased my goals. This year I want to reach my full potential in my current role, gain more readers and increase interaction, pay off credit cards and move into an apartment.


So a year later, I can say I am currently employed. Praise HIM. I used to post often about my job situation (s), but I've recently started in Higher Ed and couldn't be happier. We all know my heart is in graphic and web design, but I focus more on writing content in this role. As for my blog, I really want to focus on my brand's growth and connecting with readers. Among many, my goal is to be a resource for millennial women.


I am nearly $25,000 in debt (s/o to scholarships, grants and my savings). I actually started out closer to 30K but I've been paying off loans since I graduated. My goal is to have my student loans paid off in the next 5-7 years. As far as credit card debt, when I spend all my money it seems my impulsive buys are charged here. However, I remain optimistic and should be able to reach my goal. Stay tuned!

Life Updates

Sometimes I'm hesitant about sharing too much with you all, but today I'll be an open book. Most days, I'm working and on weekends I'm resting. I've been improving my spiritual relationship as well as friendships although we know I've had a few struggles. My post college relationship has been a bit difficult with the distance, but we're maintaining. I've also began to get back into sketching and drawing again, maybe I'll show my new pieces off soon.