December Mood

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday! This month's mood is up a bit late, but better late than never right? As you've probably noticed a few things have been changing here on the site. I've been working to focus my energy on what feels right and be authentic as possible here.

When I think about this month, I'm reminded of new beginnings. Again, I don't quite have resolutions, but there are goals I've had in mind. I'm claiming this month to be full of joy, laughter and positive relationships.


+ I started planning for my 2018, and what that looks like for me. So far I'm behind the curve, but I'm hoping to at least map out my year until summer 2018. Trips, savings and health goals are all a part of this list!

+ Podcast Galore. I've been listening to so many podcast lately it's crazy. My focus is primarily on comedy, entrepreneurship and women-focused podcast. Maybe I'll create a posts with my favorites soon...

+ I ate more than I should've. I know, I know. Last month I told myself to stop being lazy and become serious about my body goals - which I did in fact begin, but unfortunately laziness got to me again. I'm realizing I'm lazy in a lot of areas in my life and seriously need to focus. Weight loss journey? To be continued.


+ I'll be celebrating about six months in my new role - which is short, but the company is rewarding. If you remember where I was this time last year, I was contemplating my next move from a role I wasn't so happy in. Thank God for growth in the new year!

+ Content. I've been going around and around with millions of ideas in multiple journals, note apps and my draft posts box. However, I haven't been consistent. Consistency is key to getting what and where you want in life, and I plan on doing more of this.

How are you feeling this month?


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