Bloom in Transition


I’ve been itching to write lately, but couldn’t quite get myself to actually start typing.

I’m in this odd phase of my life right now, where on one hand I know exactly what my purpose is, and on the other, I’m doing a handful of nothings that aren't related to my goals or journey, and I feel stuck. 

It's an interesting stage of my life that I've decided to call "bloom in transition." It's at this point in my life where I'm constantly reinventing and rediscovering who I am, my values and goals. A stage where I'm not too sure what's next for me, but also making an effort to explore different things  in order to learn and grow. Like a flower at the end of this transition, I'll bloom.


20s are weird, right?

And then I started looking at different areas of my life creatively, emotionally and even my career - that's when I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning or an aggressive edit - as Myleik would say. For the blog, it felt like I started a lot of beauty reviews and haven't really written anything meaningful lately. I mean this is how this whole "blogging" thing began anyway.

Granted I'm thankful for the opportunity to try new products (sponsored or not). However, while occasional beauty post are nice, I enjoy talking about more in-depth topics with you all. That's why I decided to spring clean my blog earlier this month and shoot new content. "Out with the old, in with the new" they say.


Photography | Essence Ransome

My goal is and has always been to empower other women like me trying to figure it all out. Similar to me empowering myself on my own journey. I've just got to figure out what this looks like, continue with blogging? Focus more on Youtube? Relaunch my side hustle? Get back into tech? You get it.

In the last year I've grown and evolved on so many levels. Mindset contributed a bit part of my journey and I wouldn't be where I am without it. That's why I ask myself "Why can't I do it all?" Design Work, Youtube, Blog? I enjoy them all. So this is where I'm at in life right now and be ready for more. In transition to bloom into something even more - imagine having this mindset 24/7. Wow. I feel unsure and confident in many ways with the things I'm changing my life and I'm sure you can relate. More to come.

Looking forward to more on this crazy ride as I try to figure things out.

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