6 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Anxiety

6 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Anxiety | Here's how I deal with anxiety and stress.

When anxiety takes over, I go completely mute and stay in my own mind.

I zone out, I ignore everything being said to me. I forget my own words. I tend to overthink and start doubting myself.

I've been going through a lot this past year and I realized it was because I wasn't taking any time to focus on myself or my needs. I’m one of those people who prefers staying in and when I’m out it takes all of my energy.

One thing I want people to understand is that anxiety attacks are not always DRAMATIC - it can affect some of us in different ways. I know I’m not alone in this so I sat down and thought of a few, practical ways to reduce anxiety through our favorite buzzword: self care.

Here are six self care tips to help with anxiety:


Our anxiety can become our thoughts which in turn control our mind. The mind is such a powerful thing and when you focus on negativity and other shit, you stop actions of gratitude and thankfulness. I pose daily writing prompts to work through my thoughts and leave it all on paper.

Clean your space

There's something about beginning and ending your day in a clean space. I’ve mentioned this before, but cluttered spaces stress me out. I won’t lie though I find it therapeutic to clean though - yes, when I’m angry you’ll find me scrubbing the bathroom or sink (I’m a work in progress).  It can be overwhelming, so clean up after yourself. Or plan to schedule time during the week to get your space together.


Meditation is know to calm you mind, body and soul. I have an issue with keeping the mind still so this is one of the ways I practice. I recommend this playlist and lavender oils for your diffuser. When you set yourself in a daily routine, your body can become familiar and calmer.



A few of my favorite things


I get it. This is the digital age, Alex Wolf summed up our obsession with social best. It can be extremely hard to disconnect when we need information and its constantly being shared - like this blog post. However I don’t find it hard to just put my phone down.  

Drink Tea

Any type will do, but Lavender is one of my favorite oils and scent ever created. Lavender is known to relax your nervous system, and help with sleep anxiety and stress. With just a drops of this essential oil, you’ll notice a huge shift in your energy. That’s why I use it in my diffuser constantly and drink it in my tea.

Get out, get active

I haven’t been to the gym in forever, but exercise has been known to reduce stress. Not only does it aid in weight loss, but improves your heart health and reduces toxins in the body. Ever wonder why people say working out equals happiness? Me either, but I will say it does the body good. I also spend time with my siblings when I’m down - they keep me entertained.


Have you experienced this before?

How do you cope?