5 Sunday Habits to Prepare You For the Week Ahead

5 Sunday Habits to Prepare You For the Week Ahead | Sundays are bittersweet - a mix of a chill Sunday morning and the weekend coming to an end. Read more on the blog.

Sundays are bittersweet - a mix of a chill Sunday morning and the weekend coming to an end. In the past, I would be overwhelmed the night before and not ready for the week ahead. I decided to change things when I became more consistent in being intentional with every area of my life.

So what if we stop obsessing over the week ahead and focus on the present? Sunday is the perfect day to schedule time for yourself and reset. With that said, here are a few Sunday habits to help you prepare for a new week with less stress and more positive vibes.

Slow down and breathe

I understand the struggle, believe me. Between taking care of those last minute errands, trying to complete your goals and more, time never seems to be on your side. Instead of trying to rush through everything, take your time and enjoy a slow morning. Grab a cup of tea and meditate in silence or stay in bed for the morning. Allow your self some peace before you start your day or week. Just breathe and take your time.

Self Care

Sunday is the perfect day to schedule in some time for yourself and reset for the week. Self care is always a must to recharge for the week. This can range from your favorite face mask, enjoying your favorite book, podcast or even motivational video. My favorite thing to do is grab my favorite blanket, and Netflix and chill solo. Taking time out for you will help you prepare for the week ahead. I reset my Sunday by lighting a candle, wearing my favorite facial mask and soaking in Epsom salt.

Plan Ahead

Think about what you have to do next week and write. Don’t worry about prioritizing, just do it. This will give you a clear vision and prepare you for your week. When you begin to feel overwhelmed with everything you need to do, take a look at your goals, start prioritizing and taking notes in your planner. This will make you feel more prepared to handle what’s to come. Aside from scheduling things you “have” to do, you're also able to schedule your own activities through the week. For me, I work to schedule my blog post or content for my YouTube channel.

Meal Prep

As you know, I'm working on my reaching my fitness goals. Prepping my meals for the week not only helps with portion control, but helps me save so much time. Honestly, who wants to get home from a long day at work and struggle to decide what you’re making for dinner?

Go to sleep, early.

It's said you're supposed to get 8 full hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately for me I'm a night owl and a bit of an early riser. I can fall asleep quickly, but when I'm up and focused on something I stick to it.

If you're like me, turn off your electronics and unwind with a great read instead. I'm currently reading three books right now to keep me on track with my goals. Let me know if you would be interested in my reviews. Changing your bedroom routine is important to have a good night of sleep and allows you to have the energy to tackle the week ahead.

I hope these five Sunday habits help you feel a little less anxious and ready to tackle your week. Next Sunday, instead of focusing on what's next, be intentional about your actions.

What are five things you do to prepare for the week ahead?