4 Tips to Avoid Blogger Burnout

4 Tips to Avoid Blogger Burnout | Blogger burnout is a real thing, and it happens to all of us. This is true for creatives, small business owners and even entrepreneurs too. Often we set high expectations of ourselves and our work only to burn ourselves out and not accomplish the task we've set for ourselves. Read more on the blog.

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Have you been feeling frustrated, underwhelmed or uninspired by your blog?

Truth is, I've been feeling this way quite frequently. Don't let these style post fool you, but the blogger burnout is a real thing, and it happens to all of us. This is true for creatives, small business owners and even entrepreneurs too. Often we set high expectations of ourselves and our work - which isn't always a bad thing. However, we want results quickly and expect overnight success. I think we tend to forget why we started blogging in the first place.

Here's the thing: there are ways to avoid blogger and/or social burnout, and I am going to share 4 tips you can use to avoid it. These are tips that I use to help me overcome blogger burnout and get back into enjoying blogging again.

Delete, refresh and unplug

I have learned that there always needs to be a balance, especially when you no longer feel the passion you once did. This means removing social feeds and taking a break to breathe without the noise. This doesn't mean you're giving up on your social communities or picture perfect photos, but you simply need time for you. The digital space will always be here, so please don't develop a fear of missing out (FOMO). Sometimes we get so caught up in this idea that our focus should just be everywhere at once - which isn't always a bad thing, but we have to remind ourselves to live our lives.

Focus on your why

Why did you start blogging?  What changed? I started blogging as an outlet about millennial topics I felt like could resonate with someone else. Initially all I wanted was to create and grow a large online community to learn from as well as inspire.

When I learned about this idea of profitable blogs or monetization, I thought wow this is a plus and I could go after my goals of creative and financial freedom eventually. I wouldn't even mind doing this because I enjoy it. However as my inspiration decreased, so did my writing.  I stopped blogging all together at one point and then at another few other points.

When what we love becomes a chore, did we really love it at all?

I was feeling discouraged and uninspired by everything around me, and then I thought back to my WHY. The real reason I started blogging. This lit a fire in me that made me want to move forward and continue. Plus I've met some amazing women on my journey!

Be Consistent

I was so discouraged when I made the decision to really put myself and my blog out there. I also felt like I was just wasting my time and my talent. And to be honest, I kinda was. You see, my focus was on the wrong things. I wasn't focused on being a resource or connecting with my community, I just wanted to write for the sake of writing. Increase my views until I just couldn't anymore.

In the beginning, I didn't care about views or having a small following, but when my small community started to build it felt like I needed to do something different. 

So, I decided to change my focus and get back to the basics. I revamped my strategy, did a bit of spring cleaning and focused on what made me happy as well as you guys, my readers! I'm working on being more consistent in my content and within our little community here. So I'm back to basics and if you're a fellow blogger, consider going back to your starting point too.

Get a Life (outside of digital)

We grind online until we can't grind anymore. Sometimes it takes time away from the screen for us to get real about our goals. I have to remind myself of my life outside of this blogging community.

While I have met so many amazing people, for me I still want to work my full time role and be able to blog as a side hustle. Mostly due to passion. So if you feel that you're entering a space of the unknown, take a break. Go outside, live in your moment and reconnect with people in real life. This time helps you reenergize and gain clarity about the world outside of what you've created online. So spend as much time as you can with family, friends and even enjoy being alone.

Have you experienced blogger burnout before? How did you deal?