Three Ways to Protect your Peace

Three Ways to Protect Your Peace | These days it can be hard to take time for yourself, that's why I'm sharing three ways you can find your peace.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

It could be simple. It could be complex. It might not even matter days from now. What does matter is that your energy is affecting everything around you and you don't even realize it. Lately the world seems to be everything, but balanced and its been difficult to find inner peace. As I continue on an intentional journey I am constantly reminded of what it means to be overwhelmed.

Between working a 9-5, going back to school and listening to the news daily, I know finding happiness seems inevitable. In honor of #InternationalDayofPeace, I thought I'd share three simple and tangible ways you can find your inner peace.

1. Accept your outcomes and trust the process

It seems hard at first when you realize you have to be beside yourself and allow your blessings to fully manifest.  Take small positive, impactful steps towards your goal whatever that may be. If it’s a relationship, evaluate and make an effort to improve things. If it's money that worries you, sit down and figure out what you need to do to move your finances in the right direction. Then let go of your ability to control and trust that everything is exactly as it should be. Once you fully recognize that, amazing things begin to happen.

2. Be protective of what you allow in your space

Your space is just that, yours. Be mindful of what you allow into your consciousness and eliminate anything you don't need. In a hyper-focused society, social media, news  and even negative people have no place in your life. When you bring awareness to those things, you have to pause and realize you can't control everything to fit your ideal. If you can’t eliminate, you need to tune out.

3. Learn to love laughter again

I know it can be hard to smile again, but laughter is the best medicine.  Believe it or not, laughter lowers anxiety, boosts the immune system, and aids circulation. Not only can it do wonders for the body, but it will also aid in reducing stress. So, put on your best smile and see how it changes your environment.

You are accountable for your own energy, remember to protect yours.