Three Tips to Get the Most Out of 2018

Three Tips to Get the Most Out of 2018 | My top three tips to make this your best year yet.

Over these past few weeks, I'm sure you've heard a lot of "2018 goal talk". Resolutions. New this, new that. I feel like these days the idea is to not have resolutions or goals. Basically go easy on yourself and don't stress yourself out by sticking to a specific plan.

Some people like me don’t do them often because I have goals throughout the year. Often times we set goals when our emotions and excitement levels are at an all-time high. However, after a few weeks (or even days) we tend to let our clear goals become more clouded. Life happens, our spark fades, and we mark it off on our list for the next year. Personally, I love any excuse to feel like I’m getting a reset.

But frankly, I'm tired. I'm tired of letting myself down and not holding myself accountable which is why I've decided to make the most out of my 2018 (and every year after). I created a vision board to help me manifest my thoughts and because I want better for myself this and every year. I want to do better for myself and by others. Better health, relationships, wellness and wealth. Therefore, I decided my 2018 will be simple with two words: be better.

I realized a lot about myself and the people around me whether it was my circle, workspace and even acquaintances. A few of my friendships went by the wayside and a few of my goals did too. I created less, did less and mentally thought I was going to do so much more. It’s something I really want to change in 2018.

Making intentional moves and taking actionable steps to be better without sacrificing my physical or mental health. So instead of making lengthy plans, here are my three tips to get the most out of 2018.

Plan Ahead (and leave room for the unknown)

I used to be a huge a planner, but life got in the way and I stopped my weekly habits. This year I set a few small, attainable goals for my personal and professional life. Everything else, I decided to embrace unknowingly. Sometimes you have to be willing to not fear the unknown. As long as you're willing to change your life and have a somewhat clear vision of what you want to achieve, everything will work itself out.

Deep Clean your Space

This includes physical, mental and emotional spaces in your life. I always compartmentalize different categories of my life, but never do a lot of evaluation. This year is a complete season for me to embrace better mental and physical health - which I struggled with last year. The first step I take is to clean my room - simple right? I am a firm believer that our space is a direct reflection of our inner state. How else can you plan to make the most of 2018 with a cluttered space?

I get rid of everything that no longer serves purpose or holds value. Be sure to be good to your body, sleep more and treat yourself with respect. Be kind to yourself, know your worth and set your own terms for how you want to live your life.

Reflect, refocus, reprioritize

The three "R's are always essential for growth and the new year. When each year ends we always seem to want to reflect on our past and refocus on our future. As, I've mentioned before sometimes you have to take a moment to refocus your energy in a positive direction and on what really matters.

After reflecting, I begin to write... a lot. This is useful when thinking through certain areas of your life that you're hoping to change. I document my accomplishments, current issues and my goals for resolving them. I'm taking this year to put myself first and expand into all creative spaces again.

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So here's to another new journey, see you on the other side.


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