Self-taught designer & wellness advocate fueled by purpose. 

hi, i'm raven

I'm a Southern bred, matcha tea loving creative based in the USA. This space was curated for those of us seeking to not only visualize our stories, but design a life on our own terms. I am a firm believer that our purpose is rooted in the things we are passionate about. Passion is what drives us and connects us in a real, authentic way. 

It's wild to think that this business was birthed in my parent's basement right after college when I was searching for my purpose, but I have the opportunity to do what I love everyday and am forever grateful.

When I’m not working hard at the HQ, you can find me sharing insight on youtube, discovering new things on the blog or posting random selfies on Instagram

I’ve spent the last 5 years helping other entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. However, I have a confession I’m a recent drop out, like 2020 recent. I took a leap of faith during a pandemic - quit my job and gave my business 1000%.

You know what happened?

The second month going full-time I had my first 5-figure month and realized I could really do this. However I was exhausted and burnt out, which is why I stress the importance of self care, worth and boundaries. 

I stopped listening to everyone else’s vision of success to build my own. 

Wellness has played a HUGE impact on my journey in entrepreneurship and even before I took this leap. Since relaunching my design business full-time, I was recharged and excited to launch new brand and web design projects for brands and people.

It's a lot of hard work but now I have the opportunity to wake up everyday doing something I love every single day: helping purpose-led entrepreneurs turn their brands into profitable businesses through intentional design, and take charge of their narratives to show up online confidently for themselves and their businesses.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

i live by the phrase

and believe believe this mindset along with gratitude are the keys towards living a happy and fulfilled life.

- arthur ashe